Threat Model

21:15 < rransom> What security properties should APAF provide? What attacks (or classes of attacks) should APAF prevent or resist? This section describes the classes of attacks the APAF should prevent/resist.

The Application

present briefly the application and describe how the user shall interact with it The Anonymous Python Application Framework is built and delivered as a standalone application, and consists in a simple static file server.

Double clicking the executable, a new browser tab will show the configuration page, on which the user can select the destination folder and edit advanced options.

Entry Points: Hidden Service port selected in the configuration page, telnet login? Flowing Data: documents selected from the user

Key Scenarios

who is going to use the application?

The application may be used from:
  • a generic anonymous user intending not to share its identity;
  • an anonymous activist;
  • a non-profit organization with a low budget;
  • an anonymous user interested in sharing documents but unable to host a server


a list of the vulnerable corners of the application.
  • gain access to the configuration page on the login may lead to serving system dirrectories;
  • possible xss;
  • executable infection;
  • data leakage outside tor;
  • read twisted documentation, which kind of authentication does twisted support?


the attack a malicious user may perform

  • bruteforce over the login form;
  • the .exe/.app contains, compressed, all the python standard library in pyc format. Replacing one of these bytecode libraries may lead to the control of the applciation.
  • denial of service

Security Controls

Precautions for attacks As far as I know, -onion hostnames, by thir own, provide a secutipry mechanisms to avoid poisoning or man in the middle attacks.

The user shall be advised with very clear messages in the configuration page about the consequences of editing a certain box.

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